Hardcore Pawn Interview: Seth Gold!

Check out our latest interview with Hardcore Pawn star - Seth Gold!

Hey, What’s up guys? It’s your YDS host Tyler Beltz! I’m pretty sure a lot of you have probably heard of the TruTv hit show…Hardcore Pawn! Well I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Seth Gold and here’s what we talked about!

Q.What is the most exciting item that you have seen ever come thru your shop as of today?
A. One – 2009 Limited Edition Mustang…They ONLY made 45 for their 45th anniversary car and we got #11!

Q. As of today, What is the most you have ever payed for a single pawned item and what was it?
A.  67,000 , It was the 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang (Car #11)

Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Do you see yourself still in the pawn business or do you see yourself exploring other career options?
A.  Yeah, My dad thinks 50 thousand square feet is enough, I don’t …We will be having multiple locations all over the nation and not only in Detroit!

YDS host Tyler and Hardcore Pawn star Seth Gold!

Q. You’ve said before that “If it wasn’t for you , the shop’s only marketing would be “an ad in the Yellow Pages”  Do you feel that if it wasn’t for you that the family business would fall apart?
A. I think it would’ve stunted and the growth potential wouldn’t be there!

Q. What do you think the next step is for Hardcore Pawn?
A.  Opening up the store to the entire nation, The TV show expansion with internet 2hr block every Tuesday on tv made us very popular!

Q. At the end of the day, with all the drama you and your sister Ashley have do you think you’ll EVER make a truce?
A. As long as she’s not working here!


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